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AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 10-03-2018, 06:34
Templates Lab for MS Office 3.2.3 (MacOSX)
Templates Lab for MS Office 3.2.3 (MacOSX) | 7.48 GB
Templates Lab for MS Office by Jumsoft is a comprehensive collection of templates to supercharge your work on Microsoft Office for Mac for any occasion! It contains thousands of templates, from casual and business templates for Word, themes and layouts for Keynote, complex spreadsheets for Excel - you name it, we have it!
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 10-03-2018, 04:59
NCH ClickCharts Pro 2.13 MacOSX
NCH ClickCharts Pro 2.13 MacOSX | 5.14 MB

Design flowcharts and diagrams easily with this free Mac software. Quickly create strong visuals of an organization, process, mind map, UML diagram and more. Map out your value streams and data flow. Find bottlenecks in the process and ways to optimize productivity.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 7-03-2018, 18:58
Downie v3.2.2 Multilingual MacOSX
Release Name: Downie.v3.2.2.Multilingual.MacOSX
Size: 32.7 MB

Description: Ever wished you could save a video from the Internet? Search no more, Downie is what you're looking for. Easily download videos from thousands of different sites.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 7-03-2018, 15:50
Download Shuttle Pro v1.0 MacOSX
Release Names: Download.Shuttle.Pro.v1.0.MacOSX
Size: 12.2 MB

Description: Download Shuttle Pro is the most powerful download manager and accelerator for macOS. It breaks file downloads into multiple segments, allowing for a faster overall download speed than using a web browser.
With our Pro version, you get access to our new media extraction browser, which allows you to download any file (videos, music, archives etc) that's embedded or linked on a web page that you scan.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 7-03-2018, 14:34
App Uninstall Pro v2.0.4 MacOSX
Release Names: App.Uninstall.Pro.v2.0.4.MacOSX
Size: 5.4 MB

Description: Installing one application distributes many files throughout your Mac. App Uninstaller provides a straightforward way to remove apps and their associated files including Applications Caches, Application Log Files, Application Preferences and Crash Report.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 5-03-2018, 18:33
TinyAlarm 1.9.1 MacOSX
TinyAlarm 1.9.1 MacOSX | 7 MB

TinyAlarm is a an alarm clock for your menu bar. Create customizable alarms in the menubar that will play a chosen sound (system sound, spoken by siri or recorded by you). Simple, no manual needed. Good for gaming, programming, not missing an appointment or timing the cooking of dinner so it doesn't burn. Create alarms to use and then, with a click in the menu you can reactivate them anytime they are needed.
AuthorAuthor: buby2009 | DateDate: 2-03-2018, 06:35

StudioLinked Zaytoven Funky Fingers v1.0.1 MacOSX
File Size : 7.50 GB

Funky Fingers is a virtual instrument engineered with the aspiring music producers and beat makers in mind. This dynamic software is influenced by Zaytoven's signature sounds and features 500 presets divided across 18 instrument categories. The categories include: OJ Da Juiceman Chants, drum kits, church chords, melody starters, keyboards and organs. What's more is that users have the capacity to create their own original sound with effects, features and controls such as Reverb, Chorus, Vibrato, Pitch, Glide, Arpeggiator, and Octave.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 1-03-2018, 17:58
FontBook 5.0.3 MacOSX
FontBook 5.0.3 MacOSX | 9.77 MB

FontBook is the ultimate font utility for all macOSusers who require a quick, easy and comprehensive overview of all their fonts.
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 1-03-2018, 16:57
iShowU Instant 1.2.5 MacOSX
iShowU Instant 1.2.5 MacOSX | 25.1 MB

iShowU Instant gives you real-time screen recording like you've never seen before! It is the fastest, most feature-filled real-time screen capture tool from shinywhitebox yet.
Get crisp and clean audio using the built in dynamics, compressor and equaliser. No need to clean audio afterwards. Got a 32 channel outboard device as input? No problem!
AuthorAuthor: art_links | DateDate: 1-03-2018, 16:41
Audiority SideFilter v1.2.2 MacOSX
Audiority SideFilter v1.2.2 MacOSX | 14 Mb

Side Filter is special High Pass filter focused on removing bass frequencies from the Side portion of a stereo mix. This filter is very useful to tighten up the low end of your mix or to help you prepare a vinyl ready master.